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Install Cyclone3 XUL CMS

Don't know how? Check the step-by-step installation.

Don't waste time learning a new system

Cyclone3 XUL CMS allows you to concentrate on what you already know - write, shoot pictures, videos... and takes care of the rest itself


Clean and informative

Video list can be displayed in two different modes - thumbnail view and details view. For details, you have all important information on videos in rows. In case you are looking for a certain video, knowing its theme - and the small icon in list mode does not suffice - you can look at the list in thumbnail mode.

The videos are automatically resized to set up formats - upload a high-res widescreen video, and the system will create a low-res and mid-res widescreen copy, resize and crop the video, and create 4:3 copy without you moving a single finger. You can have any number of formats you want. Only the storage space is the limit!. The preview thumbnails are created automatically, of course. If you replace the video, all formats, will be re-generated. Simple, right? :)

Robust editor

Simple changing of keywords and other basic data, overview on the video's parts ... what? Video parts?

Oh, yes, that's another highlight - the videos can consist of more parts, this way you can divide a video recording of your conference to partial lectures, and join them together to be a single video, which wil play continuously, with every single part having its own title, thumbnail, keywords ... you have access to anything associated with the video, listing of its parts, related items such as discussion, images, galleries, the possibilities are endless.

Video part editor

Not enough? You can exchange the system's automatically created thumbnail of a certain video or even video part - to any image you want. If you accidentally need to view the part without browsing for it on the page, there you go - play it inside! And, if you don't like it, you can always replace it with another video ... a neverending playground.