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Install Cyclone3 XUL CMS

Don't know how? Check the step-by-step installation.

Don't waste time learning a new system

Cyclone3 XUL CMS allows you to concentrate on what you already know - write, shoot pictures, videos... and takes care of the rest itself


Lists rich in detail

Article lists contain every detail you need for your work. We have selected the most requested and most useful details in the standardized list, as name, size, rating, author, priorities and publish start.

But there's much more, you can show/hide the columns as you want, to see what you want to see. Fullsearch is available, of course.

There are also some nifty indicators, telling you immediately if an article is currently available for the visitors, or not, if it has keywords, attachments and more.

Simple editing

Ever worked with a document editor like Word? You don't have to type in page code tags anymore, just do what you are meant to do - create content.

You have images, videos, inline YouTube movies and more at your disposal. Simple formatting, so you can fix your aim on what to type, other than trying to set up the text to be displayed fine on the actual page.

You can set your view to your satisfaction, including preview, semantic and web-style view.

And there's more

Much more. Subtitle editing, narrowing the article's availability for a certain timespan, keywords, inline keywords, attachments, metadata, relations, ...

You can even copy a whole article to another category and facelift it there. Or, you can simply link it to another category and if you change one of them, the second one gets updated, too. Just like that.

You want to print the edited article for review? No problem, click the printer icon to directly print it. Or, you can view the article's source, if you're a geek and want to get dirty with tags ;)