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Install Cyclone3 XUL CMS

Don't know how? Check the step-by-step installation.

Don't waste time learning a new system

Cyclone3 XUL CMS allows you to concentrate on what you already know - write, shoot pictures, videos... and takes care of the rest itself


All the same

Folders to your liking, icons just like the ones on your computer, together with all the common controls, you already know. Haven't you always dreamed of a system like this? It even calculates the file sizes just like you'd like it to - as the size rises, the units change from bytes to megabytes so you don't have to recalculate the values yourself.


You'd think - not much to editation of a file, is it? Well, actually, it is. All the fantastic things through the whole system available also here. Relations, metadata, and .. wait, there's security! You can allow groups and single users to download a specific file and refuse to provide it to the others.

And if you ask, no, there's no way to programmatically and automatically download the whole file tree - it's hashed and encrypted by 256bit key. No checking of existing files by increasing an identification number or other hacks!